Living the Life

What does the President and his family do in tough economic times?  Well they go on lavish vacations of course, on the taxpayers dime.  This past weekend the First Lady, Michelle and their youngest daughter Sasha spent some time in Spain.  This trip comes during a time when the President urges Americans to spend less, and save more.  Is it right for the President to preach fiscal restraint when him and his family have gone on numerous vacations this summer? Remember, a lot of the trip is payed with our tax dollars to provide travel and security.  The best part is about this most recent trip to Spain is that the President wasn’t even with his family.  He decided to go home to Chicago, which causes us even more of a headache.  Mr. President, why don’t you stay home and figure out what to do with our economy, our immigration problems, and the two wars we are fighting?

In 2010 alone the Obama’s have gone on 3 vacations.  The first one was to Asheville, North Carolina, the second was to Bar Harbor Maine, and now this weekends visit to a 5 star hotel and lunch with the King.  The first family also have trips planned to Panama City Beach, Florida and Martha’s Vineyard.  Since being inaugurated in 2009, the Obama’s have vacationed a total of 10 times.  Now, I am not saying that the President should not be able to vacation.  He has the most stressful job anyone could imagine, so he deserves some rest and relaxation.  However, the amount of times that he has vacationed is a little much, and should be toned down.  Yes, Mr. President I have to watch how I spend my money, so should you!  Oh, I cannot forget to mention that the President has also shot 41 rounds of golf since being sworn into the office.

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One Response to Living the Life

  1. Chandler Stippler says:

    Hey Buddy,
    If I were the president I would vacation all the time, that is what the boss does.

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