Silly President, the Economy is Yours!

On January 20, 2009 the United States inaugurated its 44th President.  Barrack Hussein Obama took the oath of office, and inherited the worst economy some would say since the Great Depression. There is also the matter of the two ongoing wars and other problems that were on the minds of Americans which has left the country in a general sense of “malaise”. Fast Forward now that  President Bush has been out of office for a close to 19 months, the big question that must be asked and answered is when does the current president begin to take responsibility for what the country is going through right now?  I believe after the “honeymoon period” is over (normally about three to six months after taking the oath) is when the President needs to stop mentioning his predecessor. I am sick of hearing the mantra “blame bush”.

I am not writing about the presidents policies individually, so I will not mention any particular one by name. However, when “the chosen one” took office our federal debt was recorded at $10.627 trillion.  Since that date, the President has signed legislation that has been aimed at taming the uncontrollable deficit.  However, since this time he has done nothing but increase the deficit.  The type of legislation that is passed under this administration is harmful to my generations well being, and that of our children’s.  The record deficits that are being accumulated right now are concerning to economists, and ordinary citizens alike.  The biggest problem that I have is, as recently as this past weekend, President Obama has brought up President Bush in speeches.  He says that Bush’s policies were “disastrous” to our country.  I am not here to defend the former President’s policies (although I could, and would), I am here to inform you all, that there is no more blame to go around.  When will this president just understand that this is his economy now?  We are about 3 months away from the midterm elections, and the American People are not satisfied.  Americans do not want a president who blames the person he succeeded during his potential eight years in office (let alone the fact that the democrat party has been in charge for the past 4 years and Dodd & Frank did more to cause the mortgage meltdown that GWB who was on record as warning the system would collapse).  The American people want & tend to demand a leader who will stand up and read off of his teleprompter that he is in charge.  He is the one who will help get America back to the place where she once stood proud.  I do not want a leader who blames other people.  If he wants to keep the Democrats in power this November he better start telling the American people what is going to work over the next two years (or more), and stop hiding from the truth. Oh and by the way, the current debt is at an astounding, and record breaking $13.306 TRILLION.  In the words of former President Bill Clinton, “It’s the economy, stupid”.  Well Mr. President (Obama) it’s now YOUR economy!

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