Tomorrows the Day

Well the time has come, it is time to vote in the 2010 midterm elections.  This is an election that has major implications on our country as a whole.  This year, we are voting on senators, congressmen and women, governors, and of course local politics such as mayors, and judges.  But what is really at stake?  Do we want to allow President Obama to continue to have a blank check when it comes to his borderline socialist government programs?  Or do we want to allow the government go back to the good ol’ days of checks and balances.  Back in 1994, during the Republican Revolution under President Clinton, he did not have a choice but to work closely with his Republican counterparts in Congress.  And you know what, it worked.  Clinton moved from the left back to the center, because the country spoke in outrage over the leftist president.  This year, like in 1994, the Republicans are poised to make huge gains in the House of Representatives.  The Senate at this point is still up in the air.

Let’s take a look at the House of Representatives.  The House is made up of 435 members.  Right now, the House is controlled by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.  For Minority leader John Boehner and the Republicans they must pick up 39 seats from the Democrats in order to be the Majority Party.  With less than 12 hours before election day, political analysts from both sides of the isle predict that Republicans could pick up anywhere between 50-75 seats.  On the other hand, Democrats are only looking at a net gain of 2 house seats from the Republicans.  Today, Gallup Daily released a poll that asked which party you were most likely to vote for in Tuesday’s election, it has Republicans at 55 percent, as opposed to the 40 percent that Democrats have.

Now, in the Senate things, like I said, are a little more fluid. The Republicans need nine seats to deadlock the senate at 50-50, and ten to take a majority.  Right now, analysts are saying that it looks like the Republicans will pick up 7-8 seats, and if turnout is heavily in favor of the minority party, they could become the majority party by the end of Tuesday!  The races in Washington, California, Nevada, Illinois, West Virginia, Colorado, and Wisconsin all must break to the Right if they want to have any chance at taking over the Senate.  In terms of Senate races, we could be in for a long night Tuesday, and possibly beyond to see whether or not the Republicans take control.

How about the Florida Races?  Marco Rubio is the man that is not only on his way to the Senate, but he is the right man for the job!  Governor Crist has done nothing but show what type of person he is with all the flip flopping he has done on Florida’s issues such as offshore drilling, and whether teachers should be paid based on performance.  Congressman Meek who is running as an Democrat, is polling well behind both Rubio and Crist and is likely to finish with below 20 percent of the vote.  Rubio is someone who is pro smaller government and taxes, he is for LEGAL immigration and a tougher crackdown on illegals.  He is also a person who believes in the working man.  He wants people to succeed and will continue to push for small businesses in Florida.  For governor, Rick Scott is the lesser of two evils, in my opinion.  Alex Sink is bad for a state that has a record high in unemployment.  Scott who has been in the spotlight for shady things he did during his career in business, has taken a microscopic lead of only a few tenths of a point.  We need a governor who will continue our states lawsuit against Obamacare! That governor is for sure, Rick Scott!

My Predictions:

House- Will shift to a majority of Republicans.  They will gain anywhere between 55 and 70 seats.

Senate:  I believe that voter turnout for the Republicans will be extremely high tomorrow, and the Republicans will take a 51-49 majority in the upper chamber on January 3rd.

Florida Senate: Marco Rubio will cruise to victory, with anywhere between 49-51 percent of the vote.  We will be seeing a lot of Marco in the next few years, especially in the national spotlight.

Florida Governor: After a long drawn out battle, and negative campaigning I believe that Rick Scott will be our next governor after winning by less than 2 percentage points.  This race could be headed to the courts.

California, Nevada, West Virginia, and Washington:  I believe that Republicans have the ability to (and will) take control of these senate seats.  Democrats are not happy, and I feel as if they feel they almost have no reason to go out and vote.  These will be the seats that shift the balance of power in the senate to the Republicans.

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